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Welcome to Jalma Farms, our family farm and property for over 300 years. Jalma Farms is located in Cape May County at the southern tip of New Jersey.

The land that Jalma Farms sits on was first settled in the 1680's by John Townsend, who came to Cape May County from New York and found the perfect site to build his home nestled on the banks of Mill Creek. In the 1830's Captain Thompson VanGilder purchased the property from his cousin, a descendant of John Townsend, and built his A-Frame house up on the hill overlooking the Magnolia Lake. Later that century his daughter and son-in-law, Alma VanGilder and James B. Anderson Sr., enlarged the house for their expanding family.

Over the many years that our family has lived on the farm, there has always been something growing. In the last 100 years there have been pumpkins, water melons,
lima beans, soy beans, timothy grass, and rye just to mention a few.

The farmland had always had a natural stand of the marvelous plums going back to the original settlers. Every year we would check out the grove for fruit. From this fruit, we would follow an old family recipe for jelly and syrup.

In 2006, we decided to expand the beach plum grove, so that we could increase production of our jams and syrup, and bring them to consumers in the Cape May County area. Since than, our harvests have grown and a couple of years ago, we added Aronia Berries to our farm.